Revamp Your Content Marketing Strategies

4 Ways to Evolve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Marketing is critical for all businesses, but what if you find yourself running out of fresh ideas? Never fear, because Eric Siu the CEO of Single Grain has some great ideas!

1. Write Longer Posts: Now, the irony is not lost on me that most of my blog posts are on the short side, and this one will probably be also, but learn from my mistakes! Database company serolQ found that the ideal length of a blog post should be more than 2,000 words.

4 Ways to Evolve Your Content Marketing Strategy

As you can tell from the graph above, top results are longer than the less searched sites.

SEO Moz found that longer posts receive more back-links, which is an important factor in Search Engine Optimization.

4 Ways to Evolve Your Content Marketing Strategy

Here is more evidence to support the premise that longer subject matter receives more attention. The red bar represents Facebook “likes” and the blue bar represents “reshares” on Twitter. Clearly content with more than 1500 words does better than content with fewer words.

2. Use More Visuals: Zabisco found that 90% of the information that reaches our brains is visual, and 65% of people learn visually. Add more pictures!

Photo Credit Catherine Pham

3. Use Info-graphics: Correlating with the need for more visuals, is the need for more info-graphics. Make sure they incorporate useful things such as numbers, illustrations and graphs to capture the readers attention.

4. Record Podcasts: Before I shared this article from, I wasn’t even sure I knew what a podcast was. But they can be very useful it appears. The cool thing about podcasts is that people can go about their daily lives while still listening to a certain podcast. They don’t need to keep their eyes glued to a computer screen.

Well, there you have it. There are the four ways to evolve your content marketing strategies. I don’t know about you, but I learned some cool things. What other things do you think a business can do to revamp their content marketing strategies? Leave a comment below!


How to do Social-Selling Well

What is social selling and how do you use it? How can you more effectively use social media to make a profit? Companies that don’t use social media will be left behind, but what are some tips for companies that do use social media? Dan Newman, president of Broadsuite shares his expert opinion.

1. Get your sales team on board. Spend time on social selling, and helping your team know how to connect with customers with social media.

2. Take baby steps. Sales executives often need some simple tactics such as how to use social media or content.

3. Show results. Wins don’t have to be just sales. He advises clients to track conversations and appointments generated from the tactics he suggests in the article.

4. Have your ear to the ground. Keep an eye out for content that is useful for your clients.

5. Keep track. When you find useful content, it is a good practice to keep an Excel or Word document where you keep the article titles, links and main topic.

6. Find connections. Look for opportunities to pair the content with specific clients.

7. Make it meaningful. Deliver the content with an email and a simple message that helps the customer or prospect understand the topic and why you think it is important.

8. Include a call to action. Make sure the client needs to take some sort of step. Some examples include a follow-up call or a meeting, where you can discuss the information.

9. Be consistent. The response rate will likely not be 100 percent but that doesn’t mean clients aren’t reading it.

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